Families First Newport strands

The Families First Programme in Newport Consists of 6 strands which aim to meet the needs of children, young people and their families, living in poverty or at risk of living in poverty, through prevention and early intervention, in this manner, narrowing the gap in outcomes for vulnerable groups. These are:

Narrowing the Gap – Preventions

This project is designed to deliver the team around the family model of the Families First programme. The service coordinates early intervention and preventative services working with a child or young person and their family and identifies and brings in further support services required to meet their needs.

Narrowing the Gap – Children and Young People

This project works with young people to support engagement and achievement in education employment and training. It promotes young people's personal and social development and enables them to have a voice and influence and have a place in their communities and society as a whole

Narrowing the Gap – Resilient Communities 

This team aims to engage families who would not normally access services to break down barriers and address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE's). We do this by providing a quick response to support people who need help in the community accessing more specialist support services where required to help families bring about a positive change in their situation. We get to know the family and support them to engage with local services such as schools, health services, benefits, housing, employment and training opportunities. 

Narrowing the Gap – Family Wellbeing

This project aims to improve the health, safety and well-being of children, young people and their families. It is designed to provide seamless, holistic services on a continuum of need between universal and acute services, to reduce family dependency on specialist service interventions and to remove barriers that promote inequality.  

Narrowing the Gap – Confident and Nurturing Families

                                       & Play Development

This project works with families addressing issues around parenting, social isolation and empowering families to maintain healthy family relationships. Also within this strand the Play Development Team work to promote the importance of play to families and the wider community through the delivery of play services.

Narrowing the Gap – Disability Strand

Included within this strand are support for families whose child/young person has additional needs; income maximisation and advice for families with a disabled child or young person; support for a child or young person who has caring responsibilities for family members and a play and youth club for children and young people with a disability or developmental difficulty.

All these projects have their own pages on this website where more information can be read.